Are Your Pavers Full of Moss and Stains?

Cleaning Service Tips on Block Pavers

Ask any professional exterior cleaning service provider and they will tell you, that paved surfaces have a tendency to receive a great deal of foot traffic and, when not regularly maintained and cleaned, will begin to collect various dirt and debris. Lack of care could also mean moss and weeds growing in between the joints of your block pavers. Cleaning these every now and then will be necessary if you want to keep the area looking good.

In order to determine what type of cleaning treatment is needed, you first need to carefully examine the condition of your block paving. When there is vegetation growing, you will need to remove it first, this can be done manually or with the aid of a weed killer. Should you opt for the latter, it is advisable to choose an organic and non-toxic weed killer, as this poses less risk to the environmental. Also, once you have applied the weed killer leave it for a few days in order for it to take effect.

Various tools to clean block paving area available too, such as a couple of stiff bristled brushes could be enough to clean your block paving when the area has been well-maintained on a regular basis. Should this indeed be the case, and your paving is only slightly dirty, you can use a brush and soapy water, after which rinse it off using warm clean water.

However, should you be facing block paving that has had months of neglect, you may have to use a pressure washer. Cleaning block paving this way can be extremely time and energy saving, however, understanding how to do this properly is critical, due to the fact using too much pressure could erode your paving area. You need to hold your washer at an angle and close to the pavers, this can be done on driveways, patios or asphalt.

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