Are You Cleaning Your Windows Correctly?

Look at the Advice Provided by a Professional Window Cleaner

If you want to tackle the cleanliness of the windows yourself, you need to take measures to do the job right. The information you will see below is not just going to help you with the cleaning but will help you avoid common mistakes that can damage the glass. A professional window cleaner would advise you on the following:

One common blunder is to think this job is too easy to pay too much attention to. All I need is a cleaning solution and a cloth, you would say. Yes, but having the right tools could be the difference between spotless windows and streaks. For instance, if you want to remove stubborn deposits you will need a window scraper. A lot of caution should be used with this particular tool because if you work with it inadequately, you may damage the glass and leave it even dirtier than it was.
Another important mistake many homeowners make is to ignore the weather, this thought is a necessary factor to consider during window washing. Trying to execute this task on a bright sunny day could tempt you, but you should avoid it unless you want more spots to appear. The direct sunlight will dry the cleaning solution too fast, leaving more smears.
Another typical blunder is over-stretching. Climbing ladders may not be the most fun work in the world and doing too much at a time could lead to an awful backache and even injuries. So, do not overestimate your abilities and enthusiasm, try to be careful, and deal with all of your windows one at a time.
One more point, look at them from the different angle when you finish. When you are washing your windows, you are looking at them straight on, you may see something that looks as clean as a whistle but when you change the angle, you won’t be pleased with what you see, there sure will be dirt and stains left.
If you need the job done professionally, you need a window cleaner who offers commendable services and are well-known in the neighborhood. Spotless Cleaning Systems Inc. can offer you what you need. We are located Santa Monica CA and looking forward to hearing from you at (310) 388-4960.